Becoming A Member

Becoming a member of First Congregational United Church of Christ makes a public statement about your faith commitment and your commitment to the life and ministry of this congregation.

Membership exploration sessions, conducted by the pastor, are offered occasionally during the church year. These sessions include an introduction to United Church of Christ history, theology and structure. We also learn about the history and ministry of this particular congregation.

Members of the United Church of Christ share a basic belief in God, especially as illumined by the light of Christ; a desire to join others on a journey of faith, regular prayer and worship, financial support, a ritual of being received into membership during worship service, and participation in the life and mission of this church. 

The United Church of Christ respects individual questions perspectives, and doubts. We do not examine a person's beliefs nor require adherence to a set of doctrines. 

When you join this church, you become a voting member, able to vote at business meetings and hold elective office. You join a community connected in covenant, promising to serve God together. You choose this particular community of faith to be your spiritual home, and you join a group of other people on a journey of faith. When you join this church, you make a difference in the life of this church as we worship and serve God together.