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About Us


We are a church of firsts!


In 1785 we were the first Protestant denomination to ordain an African American pastor, Rev. Lemuel Haynes. 1853 brought about the first ordination of a woman as a Christian minister since New Testament times when Antoinette Brown chose to serve her congregation as their pastor. In 1972, Rev. William R. Johnson became the first openly gay minister to be ordained in an historic Protestant denomination. The General Synod of the UCC went on, in 2005 to become the first leadership body of a large US denomination to support equal marriage rights for all couples regardless of orientation.

We are a church of extravagant welcome!


No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here! The United Church of Christ is changing lives here in the United States and across the globe. We are a church that strives to open doors for all people, to practice radical hospitality in the many and varied ways that presents in itself.

We are a church of deep history!


In 1620, the early forebears of the United Church of Christ, the Pilgrims came to the New World looking for religious freedom. The early 1700s saw the Congregationalists taking one of the first stands against slavery, and the 1730s saw the predecessors of the UCC taking a large role in the Great Awakening. One June 25, 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio, the Evangelical and Reformed Church joined with the Congregational Christian Churches to create the United Church of Christ.

We are a church of an imaginative future!


Through our partnerships with the Center for Progressive Renewal and Vibrant Faith Ministries, through our commitment to innovation and bold public action, and our listening ear for still speaking God, we are leaping forward into the future.


Proud to be UCC! Learn more about our UCC roots at

Minnesota Conference


The Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ (UCC) is the body of the UCC composed of all UCC churches within Minnesota and the ministers it recognizes with standing. The Conference supports congregations, equips pastors for leadership, engages in transformative mission and witness and guides youth and adults on their faith journeys.

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