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What We Believe

Our Mission Statement
“To Know and Share God’s Love Within Us,” a simple statement with far-reaching implications.
We seek to understand God’s love through study and prayer. That may involve reading scripture to deepen our understanding of both its historical and contemporary applications, or it may include exploring theology or watching contemporary films.
Sharing God’s love calls us to be the hands and voices of our still-speaking God in the wider community.
We are a church of action, working in the world to bring love, dignity and justice to all people.
God Is Still Speaking
"Stillspeaking". It’s the shorter form of “God Is Still Speaking,” a campaign by the United Church of Christ to remind us that God still has a lot more to say. Since 2004, "Stillspeaking" has worked with thousands of UCC churches and individuals across the country to make religion relevant and to extend an extravagant welcome to all—because no matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey,
you’re welcome here.
Here at the United Church of Christ
Inspiration for the campaign was found in John Robinson, pastor to the Pilgrims,
who pointed to the future saying, “Do not cling to where Luther and Calvin have brought you,
for God hath yet more truth and light to break forth from his holy word.
Why the Comma?
You may have noticed the Comma on our website. There’s a lot to the UCC Comma. The Comma was inspired by the Gracie Allen quote, “Never place a period where God has placed a comma.” For the UCC the Comma is a new way to proclaim, “Our Faith is 2,000 years old, our thinking is not.” The Comma invites us to believe that God speaks through other people, nature, music, art, a theorem, the Bible, and in so many other ways. The Comma reminds us to balance our rich religious past with openness to new ideas, new people, and new possibilities of the future.
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