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We began our journey to become a W.I.S.E. Congregation in October 2018. By engaging in this process we commit to deepening our ability to be a congregation that is Welcoming, Supportive, and Inclusive of people experiencing mental health challenges or living with mental illness, and Engaged in issues around mental health.


Our journey so far has included the following...

* Suicide Awareness and Prevention Education

* Mental Health Story Circles

* Reading the book "Blessed Are the Crazy" by Rev. Sarah Lund

* Presentation of "The Lifesaving Church" by Rev. Rachael Keefe

* Make it OK with Crow Wing Energized

* Mental Health Sunday worship service

* Development of "Lets' Talk Mental Health" workshop in partnership with Central Lakes College, Crow Wing Energized, and ACES Resiliency Coalition.

Our journey will be ongoing as we seek to always become more welcoming, supportive, inclusive and engaged with all of God's beloved children.

To learn more about the process becoming a WISE Congregation, visit the United Church of Christ Mental Health Network by clicking here. 


Children & Youth


Our children and youth are a valued part of our faith. We provide a place where children learn, question, and grow in the relationship with God; where they begin to see their role in caring for and supporting others and our world; and where they develop open minds and hearts that seek peach and justice for all people.



While all ages are welcome in the Worship service, a nursery room is available across the hallway from the sanctuary doors.



During high school, youth are encouraged to engage in Faith Exploration and Confirmation Class. Through study sessions, hands-on learning experiences, and service and outreach opportunities, youth develop the tools to think critically about their own faith journeys, learn about our denomination -- The United Church of Christ, explore the Christian faith tradition, and ask lots of questions along the way! 



We are a rich mix of backgrounds, interests, experiences, and knowledge, and we share a desire to learn more about our faith, ourselves, and the world around us.

After the service on scheduled Sundays from September through May, you will find a group of adults and teens meeting on the upper level floor from 11:30-12:30 to discuss, question, and learn. Some topics may focus on our faith and spirituality while others focus on the world around us.

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