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The Columbarium at First Congregational UCC

In the back of The New Century Hymnal, we can read this children’s prayer.

Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth,
Guide us as we pray,
To think and wish and praise the best,
And mean the words we say.
Hushed is our quiet room,
Still is this place of prayer;
Silent, we bow our heads
And feel your presence everywhere.


The prayer seems to express the peace of our Columbarium here at First Congregational UCC.


Have you stepped into that quiet room recently?

Have you sat in the warm glow of the stained glass windows on a sunny day?

The Columbarium is located in the historic space that once was our church’s front entry way. How appropriate it is that our Columbarium now marks an entry way into a new life — where the Spirits of Love and Truth are always present!
May your heart turn to the “communion of saints” who have blessed you throughout your life.

May your thoughts be filled with God’s peace, and may
the witness of those faithful souls who guided you in life fill you with gratitude and hope.


Our Columbarium is now complete. Should you wish to learn more
about the purchase of a niche for your own cremains or for the ashes of a
loved one, please call the church office at (218) 829-2528. Terri Chidester,
Administrative Assistant, can send you a packet of materials via email or
regular mail. The Memorial Committee has prepared the information packet,
and it contains all the details you will need as you consider inurnment here at First Congregational UCC.

Have any other questions? Contact Dawn Stattine at
about the Columbarium, or Jeff Behr at for information about the Memorial Garden. It will be our church’s honor and privilege to serve you and/or your family members.

O Lord, you have made us very small, and we bring our
years to an end, like a tale that is told. Help us to remember
that beyond our brief day is the eternity of your love.

~Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

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